Humorous Valentine's Day Poems

Fun, entertainment, laughter are necessary to live a happy life. Every event get with it loads of pleasure and happiness. Valentine's day is a day for romance and love. Along with this, humor and fun are also with it making couples remember beautiful time shared together as memories of laughing together, holding each others hand. Feel free in exchanging these humorous valentine's day poems with couples, friends and colleagues.

Everything Reminds Me Of You

I look at a tree,
And what do I see?
My Valentine's face
Smiling back at me.

I spot a cute rock,
But, oh what a shock,
For it reminds of you
And that is no crock.

Everywhere that I turn,
My feelings just burn
With thoughts about you,
My love please don’t spurn!

Each rock and each tree,
Each cloud and each bee,
The earth and the sea,
It all reminds me...

I love you awesomely!

By Karl Fuchs

Harry Potter Valentine's Day Cards

Harry Potter was the most famous movie among kids who loved the work of the child artist Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson. Here, are a bunch collection of harry potter valentine's day cards for all fan artists out on the net who are looking their hero with her girl friend on this valentine's day.

His eyes are as green as a fresh pickled toad,
His hair is as dark as a blackboard.
I wish he was mine, he's really divine,
The hero who conquered the Dark Lord.
Harry Potter Valentine's Day Cards
harry potter card on valentines day

Valentine's Day Coloring Pages

These free valentine's day coloring book pages can be downloaded and printed for activity of coloring. These printable Valentine's coloring pages are perfect Valentine's Day activity for little kids, pre-school and kindergarten children. Our fun interactive kids activity collection covers themes of hearts, flowers, cupid, couples and many more. Simply choose the size, print them out and color. Have a happy valentine's day.
Valentine's Day couples Coloring Page Valentine's Day Coloring Pages
printable valentine's day coloring pages Valentine coloring pages

History of Valentine's Day

There are different legends behind this day of lovers as there are no real proof of its genuinity. So, we have tried to put forward little idea about the valentine's day history. The origin of this valentine's day goes back to early 270 A.D from when the history of this day begins. In Rome, Emperor, Claudius II, announced the campaign “Claudius the Cruel” leading to cancellation of all marriages and engagements as he was not getting enough soldiers in his military as soldiers were not ready to leave their wives and children. The king found only solution to this problem is not to allow marriages. But a Saint named "Valentine" secretely helped loving couples to marry each other. This lead to an order by the king to hang priest till dealth and the priest died on 14th February and hence couples and lovers celebrate Valentine's Day each year on 14th February.

Another legend behind this day is that in Rome, 14th february was a holiday in honor of the Juno, Queen of the Roman Gods and Goddess of women and marriage. Then, the following day, February 15th, began the Feast of Lupercalia. On the eve of the festival of Lupercalia, the names of Roman girls were written on slips of paper and placed into jars. Each young man would draw a slip from the jar and then boy will be paired with the girl named in slip for the duration of the festival. The couples then fall in love during the festive pairing and would later marry.
The History of Valentine's Day Cards
valentine's day history
history of valentine's day

Valentine's Day Photo Cards

Try to figure out something unique on this valentine's day to present it to your dear valentine. Try our idea of adding up your own photo in the greeting card with some special love quote. Impress your partner with our ideas on valentine's day photo card. Don't forget to get a lovely rose for dear valentine and this custom-made card with your photos, personal style and fragrant with aroma of red roses.
valentine's day couple photo
Valentine's Day Photo Cards
Photo Valentine day Card romantic valentines day photo card
Valentine Day Photo Greetings

Valentine's Day Romance

Romance is the essence of every couple who enjoy time together in a fantastic cozy environment. Romance makes the relation more strong and loving as girl-boy spend time together and know each other. February is month of romance where there are lots of things to enjoy like a romantic candle-light dinner, romantic drive, romantic dance, romance in cruise and other things. Capture those moments of romance in your life with your partner. Feel free in sharing our ideas on Valentine's Day Romance.
Valentine's Day Romance IdeasValentine's Day Romance
Valentines Day Love Romance romance on valentine's day

Valentine's Day Hotel

Valentine's Day is a perfect time for couples to go on holidays to special romantic destinations like Paris, Mauritius, Venice, Rome, Switzerland and many other places. To make your vacations more romantic, you need a luxury hotel accomodation which can offer perfect environment for couples. Thats why on the time of valentine's day, hotels are decorated with lovely flowers and heart shaped hangings. Even couples who book rooms with the hotel are given decorated rooms with flowers, wine, chocolates and rose bouquets. So, enjoy your date at your best suited Valentine's Day Hotel along with a romantic candle-light dinner with each other.
Valentine's Day Special Hotel Room Valentine's Day Hotel Decorations
Valentine's Day Hotel Romantic Valentines Day Hotel Room Decoration

Valentine's Day Wedding

14 February is a day for love and romance. A wedding on the Valentine's Day is the perfect start to romance for couples who are madly in love with each other. Its a perfect day to get bound into a forever relation of wedding. Plan your wedding preparations for the month of February along with special valentine's day theme decorations like hanging hearts, roses, flowers, ribbons, cupids and many more ideas associated with Valentine. Design a special wedding card for the special wedding on Valentine's day. We wish all couples a happy married life and enjoy every moment together. Keep exploring our segment of Valentine's Day Wedding ideas, tips and cards.
Valentine's Day Wedding Theme
Valentine's Day Wedding Card
Valentine's Day Wedding Idea

Valentine's Day in France

France has special reference with the Valentine's Day as it is a perfect place for romance and to spend time with your dear valentine. There is a St Valentin village in Indre who was named after St Valentine and it is a tradition that pilgrims and couples visit this place. The custom of "drawing for" has been banned now as all people (married/unmarried) used to go into houses facing each other and start calling out across from one window to another, pairing of with the one they have chosen and if the girl is not interested then she used to lit a bonfire at night and burn the photographs of that person who proposed us. This results in creating redicule and nastiness. In France, Valentine's day cards are called cartes d'amities. To know more details about Valentine's Day in France, please keep surfing.
Valentine's Day in FranceValentines in France
Saint Valentine's Day in France

Valentine's Day Teddy Bear

Gift your dear valentine, a nice and beautiful teddy bear with a rose in a hand. These plush and Stuffed Animals are a perfect gift on this valentine's day. The soft white fur and cute expression of the teddy makes couples happy and feel like to cuddle. The white, brown, pink and red are the basic colors for the valentine day. Present a nice and cute Valentine's Day Teddy Bear to your sweetheart.
Valentine Teddy Bears
Valentine's Day Teddy Bear
valentine day teddy bear gift
Teddy Bears for your valentine

Cute Valentine's Day Ideas

Take help from our cute valentine's day ideas offering tips for celebrating valentine's day with your dear valentine. Couples can present each other cute teddy bears, cute puppies, go for drive together, play see saw in their garden and other cute tips. Browse our creative craft ideas to spend whole day together.
Ideas for Cute Valentine's Day
Cute Valentine's Day Ideas
cute puppies for valentine day
valentine's day cute ideas

Love Poems for Valentines Day

Poetry or Poem is one of the sweet way to express your love feelings to someone with whom you want to spend your entire life. On this magical day of love, treat your valentine to a special little love poem or love note. We have put few love poems for valentine's day to help our online viewers get the most out of our database.
Valentine Day Love Poetry

Valentine Love Poems
valentine day love poem
Love Poems for Valentines Day

Roses for Valentine's Day

Red is a color of love and when we think of a rose, the first thing comes in mind is red color of the red rose which is a best source to express your love feelings on the valentine' s day. Roses for Valentine's Day is gift to make your valentine feel fresh and romantic. Send bunch or bouquet of red roses to your valentine's home through online shopping and delivery.

valentine day roses bunch
Roses for Valentine's Day
gift roses on valentine's day

Valentine's Day Bear

Teddy Bear is the most demanded gift item on valentine's day as boys gift their girl-friends white or brown bears with a heart in their hand and red ribbon on their neck as girls are fond of stuff toys. You can send valentine's day bear to your sweety through online shopping delivery. Along with a teddy bear, you can send chocolates and Be my valentine card .

Valentine Teddy Bears
Valentine's Day Teddy Bear

valentine's day bear
valentine day bear gift

Valentine's Day Postcards

Valentine Day is yours day to enjoy company of your lover. Make your dear valentine happy with lovely roses, presents, gifts and other items to express your love feelings for each others. Postcards are another medium of love expression through post. Just select your choice of valentine's day postcard and drop it into the post office with address of the receiver and a postage stamp.
Valentine's Day Post cards
Valentines Day Postcards

Happy Valentine's Day Postcard