I Want to Kiss You - Wanna kiss you

Kissing is the most beautiful and more often activity enjoyed by couples who express their feelings with a kiss, hug, cuddle and other actions. On 14th February, couples experience kissing each other on cheeks, lips, forehead, hand, ear, stomach and other body parts to feel him/her. Tell your valentine that I want to kiss you through some of these exclusive cards and greetings saying Wanna kiss you.

Wanna Kiss You Card Kiss You CArd

Heart in the Sand - Saying I Love You

People enjoy and express their love feelings through various modes of love expressing like saying I Love You with a loud voice, making heart in the sand, decorating room with flowers, designing own handmade card, preparing tea for her and other romantic activities to let your heart feelings come out. If you are about to visit some island or some sandy areas, don't miss to trace your heart in the sand with his/her name written in between saying ILU or keeping rose along with. Hope you like idea.
Heart in the Sand Card Heart in the Sand A Heart Traced in Sand

Pop up Valentine's Day Card

There are numerous variety in paper cards and greetings used to send wishes on various occassions and events. Likewise, pop up cards are highly in fashion during the month of February when couples express their love feelings with pop up heart cards, flower cards, kiss cards and other varieties. Kids enjoy their holidays by crafting easy and beautiful pop up valentine's day card. So, enjoy surfing and downloading.
Pop up Valentine's Day Card Valentine Pop up Card
Valentines Day Pop Up Card

Handmade Valentines Day Cards

Valentine's day is all about expressing your love feelings for someone very special in life. Give your confession a very personalized or real like by crafting lovely card for him/her. Present your love feelings with your art and craft. Take help from some of below displayed Handmade Valentines Day Cards that are easy to make and very inspiring for other couples to do something different.
Handmade Valentines Day Cards Easy Handmade Valentine's Day Cards
Handmade Valentines Card Ideas