Humorous Valentine's Day Poems

Fun, entertainment, laughter are necessary to live a happy life. Every event get with it loads of pleasure and happiness. Valentine's day is a day for romance and love. Along with this, humor and fun are also with it making couples remember beautiful time shared together as memories of laughing together, holding each others hand. Feel free in exchanging these humorous valentine's day poems with couples, friends and colleagues.

Everything Reminds Me Of You

I look at a tree,
And what do I see?
My Valentine's face
Smiling back at me.

I spot a cute rock,
But, oh what a shock,
For it reminds of you
And that is no crock.

Everywhere that I turn,
My feelings just burn
With thoughts about you,
My love please don’t spurn!

Each rock and each tree,
Each cloud and each bee,
The earth and the sea,
It all reminds me...

I love you awesomely!

By Karl Fuchs


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