Valentine's Day in France

France has special reference with the Valentine's Day as it is a perfect place for romance and to spend time with your dear valentine. There is a St Valentin village in Indre who was named after St Valentine and it is a tradition that pilgrims and couples visit this place. The custom of "drawing for" has been banned now as all people (married/unmarried) used to go into houses facing each other and start calling out across from one window to another, pairing of with the one they have chosen and if the girl is not interested then she used to lit a bonfire at night and burn the photographs of that person who proposed us. This results in creating redicule and nastiness. In France, Valentine's day cards are called cartes d'amities. To know more details about Valentine's Day in France, please keep surfing.
Valentine's Day in FranceValentines in France
Saint Valentine's Day in France


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